We can assist with mediation in relation to property and children’s matters to reach an amicable resolution without proceeding to Court. Mediation can included solicitor assisted mediation whereby both parties can have a solicitor to represent them and if an agreement is reached then Consent Orders can be drafted and signed by the parties. 

The advantage of mediation is to allow the parties to discuss their separation, negotiate a property settlement or arrangements for the children in a safe and neutral location with the assistance of a mediator. The other advantage is reducing legal fees by reaching an amicable agreement without proceeding to Court. Further, the advantage of reaching an amicable agreement ensures that you are not leaving it to a Judge to determine the matter which may not be suitable to their separated family and their children. There are normally no ‘winners’ in Court as the Judge must determine the matter which obviously one party may not agree with that decision. 

Melanie Wyatt is a family dispute resolution practitioner and is able to assist parties to reach an amicable agreement. Melanie will be unable to represent the parties if she is appointed as the mediator in a matter.

We offer alternate fixed fees for clients seeking transparency with their legal costs. We also offer hourly rates and can assist eligible clients with Legal Aid grants.