An Independent Children’s Lawyer is appointed by the Court to represent the children’s best interests in Federal Court and Family Court of Australia proceedings. The Judge will make an Order for this to occur which will be forwarded to Victoria Legal Aid who will allocate one of their Independent Children’s Lawyers to be appointed and assist with that matter. 

There is an expectation that if the children are in full time school that the Independent Children’s Lawyer will meet with the children during the Court process. The Independent Children’s Lawyer will discuss with the children about their wishes. The Independent Children’s Lawyer is to explain their role to the children and how their wishes may be contrary to their best interests which the Court must consider when determining final Orders. 

Melanie Wyatt is an Independent Children’s Lawyer and has undertaken additional study, ongoing research plus attending child focus seminars to ensure she is kept updated on these skills. Melanie cannot be appointed as an Independent Children’s Lawyer if she is already acting for one of the parents. 

We offer alternate fixed fees for clients seeking transparency with their legal costs. We also offer hourly rates and can assist eligible clients with Legal Aid grants.