We can provide you advice and represent you in the Magistrates’ Court in relation to intervention orders if you have been served with an Application or require protection from the other party. 

We regularly appear in the Magistrates’ Court in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Sunshine, Bacchus Marsh and Werribee, Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne as well as Western Victoria. If you require assistance and the Application is listed in the Magistrates’ Court outside of these areas, we can still assist. 

It is important to seek legal advice as there is often a misconception that if a party is served with an Application for a Family Violence Intervention Order (either filed by Victoria Police or by the Applicant themselves) that the Respondent cannot collect their personal belongings or spend time with the children. There are normally Orders referred to as the “family law exceptions” which will allow the Respondent to communicate with the Applicant through a lawyer, attend mediation, and spend time with the children in accordance with an existing Parenting Plan or Court Orders, but the Respondent must not commit family violence. There are occasions when a Magistrate may suspend Court Orders. If you do not attend Court then Orders can be made in your absence.

It is important to seek help regardless if you are the Applicant or Respondent. Support services can assist in providing counselling, education, enrolment in courses and ongoing support after the Orders are made to ensure the family violence does not continue and especially to ensure the Applicant and if there are children that they are safe. 

If you are concerned for yourself or your children’s safety or if you have been served with an Application, please seek legal advice before attending Court. If there is immediate danger for yourself or the children, please contact the Police immediately. 

We offer alternate fixed fees for clients seeking transparency with their legal costs. We also offer hourly rates and can assist eligible clients with Legal Aid grants.